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Logging Equipment

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This some logging equipment that I made about 2 years ago. The log truck and loader won a 1st place ribbon each in our county fair in 2005.
All three are made out of oak .


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Nicely done. I saw some equipment similar to this designed to be kids toys. There were handles with triggers to open and close the claws, cranks with fine cord to manuver the booms. I believe there were dump trucks, cranes and a front end loader with grapple hooks in the set, perhaps about 1/12th scale. I am positive the kids loved them.
Very Nice Crolf

I can see why they got the 1st place ribbon , You may want to post a snapshot of the jig you used to make the wheels I'm sure the members would like to see it ,just like I do also.

Bj :)
Yet another amazingly highly detailed piece crolf, thanks for sharing!
Love those Texas mud flaps, crolf.
I grew up in a family that had a logging truck. It was hard work but my step- father put groceries on the table. The first vehicle that I ever hopped behind the wheel was a 1969 Peterbilt. Your vivid detail brings back fond memories of Western Washington where we grow 'em tall. Thanks -Derek
Great work crolf. Just how did you do those tires?
The tires on the trucks already had treads on them. I used a dremal wth a cut off wheel to make them look more like a mud tire. The skidder tires are 2 halves that I cut with a table saw or a router table. I will post a picture of the jig when I have time. It is very simple jig that saw a picture of in WOOD magazine several years ago.
Thanks for the comment on the mud flaps. I thought about maybe putting some "trucker women" on one someday.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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