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More of a "first impression" than full review at the moment...

The Rockler remote switch i'd used for a few years was one of several items destroyed by a power surge on New Years Eve. In the insurance replacement, i asked if we could order Penn State's Long Ranger since it was a few dollars less and rated at 20 amps instead of 15 amps. It came in a few weeks ago, but with the cold/snow we've had, i waited until a few days ago to try it out.

PSI advertises the Long Ranger at 50' range as i recall--i didn't test that, but i did go the to the other end of the garage 36' away, and with my body between the remote and the switch and pointing the opposite direction worked just fine. My prior switch was only good from about 20' (normally not a problem), and i had to aim the controller at the receiver (often a problem). On the negative side--the LR's remote control is a good bit larger the the key fob size i've been using since it uses a 9v battery instead of a button, but that's probably part of the longer range. I think i'll be okay with it (actually, being larger might make it easier to spot sometimes)

As we get toward spring and i can get back in the shop on a regular basis i'll try to add longer term impressions--though battery life is about the only thing left to learn.

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