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long shank router bits

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I have started my second month of trying to make a little wooden sign to mark the grave of my brothers dog. Now it appears it might help it I have an extra length 1/4" cove bit. I've tried a couple sites and come up empty. Could one of you fellas save me some time by steering me to a looooonnnng 1/4" shank cove cutter?
Who knows, this may be the month I complete the sign. Lord knows I've ground up enough little black templates, part of one "alleged" lettering frame and one very nice (expensive) bit. I am persistent. Not skilled....persistent!!
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sign making nightmare II

The sign making kit I bought, I think from Rockler, caves in slightly under the weight of the #891 PC. So I bought a #7310 PC trimmer. Then I added a couple custom bases from Pat Warner. The new bases won't let the cove bit reach down to the wood (1/4" shank) I've used another single letter doo-dad and its, if anything, a little worse than the "fancy" one. I see now where they are offering an "improved" version of it, I'm guessing because so many guys like me discovered its a device not ready for prime time. I hate to spend another $39 for the "improved" one. Am using PC bushings etc. Even with the clear bases you cannot see what you're doing with the #7310 so I gotta go back and re-think things again. I guess I HAVE to buy the "improved" version. HA! It is an absolutely humiliating situation for a guy who used to be so smart in so many ways. HA!
Retirement has brought me nothing but pain , sorrow and mental anguish. Who got me into this wood chewing stuff anyway?!! Ha. Thanks boys.
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