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Look for a product with graphite

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Many years ago when I was in to "guns"/"catching(some of you call it fishing)" I use to use a product that was in a small silver looking tube that was a graphite + some sort of lub. I can't recall the name but I'm sure they still make it or some product like it....

Now I want to find some for a project I'm working on (my overarm router dovetail side and brass gib) but have not seen it at the hardware and have no name to use to search for it on the net. I guess I could look up a gun shop in the yellow pages but if someone of you sports people have a name please let me know.


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Forgot to mention this is not the "dry" type it is more of a grease.

Hello Ed,

Is it Bore Butter that is used for lubricating Black Powder Firearms. My brother also uses it on his Craftsmans Castiron Table saw Top to stop the Rust. He leave it out side with a cover on it and if he uses it he will coat the top after using it. He said he has no rust. Sorry for changing part of Subject.
Hi, Ed: I think the product you described is called Lubraplate, it comes in a small squeeze tube. It contains Graphite. I have used it on guns, fishing reels etc. It also works on locks. Woodnut65
I think Woodnut65 is on the right track. I stopped at a store today and the guys says he remembers selling something like that a while back. The lubraplate is the company name and he thought it was called something like gun-slick or something like that. All he had to offer was a spray can that they sell now but it is not even close to what I was looking for.

So the search is goes on.

Randy the bore butter sound like an interesting substance..... I'll have to try and look that up on the net.

Thanks people!

Graphite was used on locks many years ago. Locksmiths always smiled when people said they used it. Why would you want to use a lube that causes wear and tear? Graphite is a fine grit... an abrasive. There are better choices available, such as Teflon.
Hello ed,

You can look at your local Auto Parts Store for Graphite and non Graphite based lubricants.
I use anti-sieze by permatex or anti- seez by bostyik both are lube and pervent galling hope this helps
Neanderthal said:
I use anti-sieze by permatex or anti- seez by bostyik both are lube and pervent galling hope this helps
Funny you should mention this as I was in a store today looking at the anti-sieze lubes. (Auto store as you mentioned.)

Still haven't decided what to go with but I'm about ready to give up on the product I was looking for as I'm not finding it.

Thanks again!

you might also consider chain lube products from a bicycle store, they don't want their chains collecting dirt but they want them lubrecated.
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