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To play devils advocate, some Hyundai's actually have better fuel mileage than a Mercedes. Sure the Mercedes has a lot more bells and whistles, but the Hyundai will get me just as far, if not further. True a Mercedes may go longer with less maintenance, but at the same time when that maintenance is due, it is often far more expensive than that of the Hyundai. Note, I own a Kia Sorento (a Hyundai subsidiary), and have ridden in my brother-in-laws Mercedes. My Kia has a few bells and whistles, such as my heated seats, and making a 8-12 hour drive in it is quite comfortable. Yes, the Mercedes has some additional comfort items (like massaging seats), but you really pay for those features, when the end result of both vehicles is exactly the same.

I own several Grizzly machines, and I also own a couple Harbor Freight machines. Both the Q/C and fit and finish of Grizzly is definitely ahead of that of Harbor Freight. As for getting parts outside of grizzly, it depends on the machine, just as with any manufacturer. My bandsaw I can easily find third-party parts that will work very well with it. I believe a lot of their motors use standard mounts. In fact I have gone to grizzly to buy parts for my non-grizzly table saw, as they had precisely what I needed, and a better build. My Craftsman table saw needed a new pulley on the arbor. Grizzly had an upgraded version of the pulley as it was cast iron vs. the old stamped steal one.

With my jointer, I had what turned out to be a minor issue with a motor when I first got it. Their customer service was excellent, and they sent me a replacement motor without issue.

Now, my Kia Sorento is on the higher end of Kia's offerings, VS the Kia Soul which is more in line of their economy vehicles. (Had one of those too, ex-wife took that one in the divorce. I await said jokes on that.) To say Grizzly is the same as Harbor Freight would be saying the same as the Sorento is the same as the Soul. From a Mercedes perspective, that may seem true, but when looking at more closely, Grizzly definitely has the advantage over Harbor Freight.

That said, to the OP, I think all the options you are looking at will deliver what you need. Determine what best fits your budget and needs, and get the machine that best fits those.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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