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Looking for a Stanely Router

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My father had a old Stanley Router. I don't think they make anymore. It was silver in colour and metal. Unfortunatley I broke it. 2 Questions. Can I get it replace. If not... What would be a good equivalent to replace it.
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Porter Cable bought the company that bought the co. etc. What is broken on the router ? maybe it can be repaired.

It fell off the table and cracked the bottom plate. Don't know the correct term. Also one of the wooden knobs broke. Where would I be able to get it fixed if it could be fixed. Thanks for your reply.

Your stanly was probably closest to the Porter-Cable 0100, but a 690 series router would probably be a good replacement.

When you say bottom plate, was it plastic or metal? You can make your own sub base or might be able to find a universal sub base to fix it. As for the wooden knobs, Hardwood balls, or repairing the broken one with epoxy might work.
Thanks, the base was metal, it has a crack in it now. I was looking at the Porter Cable. But I might just have to fess up and let him pick out his own, and pay for a new one. Thanks for your help.
Ran accross this on ebay and don't know if it might help you out, but it is worth a try.

Item number: 4383922423

Try that and see if it is what you are after.
Stanley sold this line of business about 20 years ago to Bosch. Look at Bosch line of what they have today. Bosch routers are good but there are other good names there too. I, for example, like Hitachi.
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