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Looking for another 890 on Craig's List.

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Hi, I've been here a few days reading everything. There's lots of good stuff here from all of you. This is my first post. I'll take a minute to go to introduction a bit later.
I'm looking for a second PC-890 on Craig's List . I figure all the stuff I have now is for the 890, so, by default I get another. (unless I see a killer deal on something else.) I'll most likely put the second motor and a fixed base in the table and keep one in a plunge base.

Any ideas what the used market value of a 890 motor alone, or one in a plunge base is going for? So far I've got my sights on a motor in a plunge base for $75.
Thanks, all comments and replies are welcome.
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Hi Mike in Cal.

You may want to take a hard look at the link below, I got two of them and they are great routers and for a 110.oo for new combo that's hard to beat. :) plus they will take on your PC motor if you want to use in it them..

I also use Craig's list but this router that listed as the combo you can beat anything you can find on Craig's List.

NOTE*** I see it's now listed for 100.oo bucks :)

One small note ▼
I see one bad review ( "speed started to oscillate" ) the one's I got did not have this error .
It maybe a user error but I'm not sure, bit not in right or to big of bit , drop cord to small or bad cord, it's not a 3 1/4 HP router made to take on the big panel bits, but it's hard to say, he did try two routers and they had the same error.

Bj :)
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Dont think it will happen for that money unless you get lucky. I bought one on ebay with the fixed base for 105.00 shipped. Didnt care about the base the motor was going in a lift.
Mike, you need to hold off for another month or two. Because of the high number of defects PC has pulled production from the original suppliers and redesigned the plunge base completely. The newly redesigned models will start shipping soon. You can read about the problems by clicking here:
Mike, I'm glad you replied to my note. I read your post from 3-5-07. Unless I'm missing something, apparently the error is in the plunge base regarding the over tightend screws holding the plastic plate? Humm, although I have a very low S/N kit, I don't think I've discovered a problem with my plunge base. I could be lucky, maybe I need to look for something specific.

In any case, the Craig's List post I'm looking at is a plunge base and motor for $75. Even if I toss the base in the trash, I'll put the motor and my fixed base into the table. I will still be ahead. I will compare both bases to see if I can detect any differences.
All, thank you for the replies.
Mike, the problem with the screws is in all the base plates due to improper machining. The plunge base does not allow access to the lower motor switch position. There are other problems but you have read about them. Now about your low serial number kit, have you read the recall notice for the motor? This problem was early on and may effect your router. View the notice here:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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