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I am just finishing up a toolbox that I am making for a buddy. It is mainly 1/2" clear oak with a golden hew. I am looking for antique brass corners. Rockler only has the shiny corners (polished brass). Does anyone know of a catalogue place that I can get them overnighted? I would like something ornate and not too big. Also, any recommendations for a finish. A golden to light brown stain and some kind of satin finish is desired.
Thanks on advance. -Derek
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Hi Derek,
I'd recommend "Van ****'s Restorers" for the corners and any of your other unique hardware needs. You can order a printed catalog and they have an online catalog at . I've used them several times for hard to find hardware. As far as a finish, I'd recommend a hot linseed oil & turpintine base with an oil/varnish top coat. It takes a few days to do this type of finish because of the cure time for the lindseed oil, but it is extremely durable. Hope this helps and good luck with it. Chuck
Chuck is right, it's hard to beat Van ***** for hardware. Since time seems to be important I would recommend Watco danish oil. It comes in different shades and can be mixed for exactly the color you want, and it is a one day process. You flood it on and let it sit for a bit, repeat and then wipe it off. It penetrates the wood and leaves a beautiful satin luster.
So how many of you know about hardware from Lee Valley? One of my favorite tool places just happens to be one of my favorite hardware places too. The current catalog is 215 pages........ good prices...... good service........ good selection

You guys are all awesome. I will get an order in today. Hopefully, I will have time to get a picture or two in the projects section. Got to run, Bob and Rick are on soon.
OK. I got it finished and ready to give away. I used Watco Danish Oil Natural and did not use brass corners- I could not find something as small as I wanted in antique. I hope the pictures come out.


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Look's sharp Derek, good job.
fibertech said:
OK. I got it finished and ready to give away. I used Watco Danish Oil Natural and did not use brass corners- I could not find something as small as I wanted in antique. I hope the pictures come out.

WOW great Job fibertech.
Pretty spiffey Fibertech. I especially like the locked miter corner joints. Well Done!
Am I missing something here? I have looked a couple times at each photo and can not spot the locked miter joints. Maybe I just need more sleep?
Thanks to all for the kind words. I am embarrassed to say that I am not familiar with that joint. The main component to the shell are rabbets made with a 1/2" straight bit.

Now I have question for Bob and Rick... I was getting the show on Saturdays from the Tacoma PBS station. Somehow on the Seattle station I was not able to find Router Workshop. Now the Tacome station has something else in that timeslot. I have looked through their entire listings and Router Workshop has vanished. The last two episodes have looked like a newer format. Are there more shows to come?
That's a great tool box. I'd put that in my living room really some nice work.
Hey Aniceonetohold, I guess your right about the joints. It must be the lighting and the grain that made it look like a locked miter. Look at the upper righthand corner of the case real close. It's still a nice job...Chuck
Chuck, at first glance it looks like a drawer lock joint, but on closer inspection you can see it is just a dark spot in the grain of the top. I had to look real close to be sure.
You guys are great. Thanks again for all of the kind words. The two larger drawers were fairly straight- forward. 1/2" Box joints on the 1/4" drawer shells. 1/8" hardboard drawer bottoms with a art foam padding in purple and gold (U of Wash. Huskies for my buddy). The smaller drawers were a real challenge. Thankfully, the 1/2" oak with beveled edges brought it all together. -Derek
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