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Maybe it is just the picture, but it looks like the small pieces on the left hand side are longer than the right hand ones.
A router bit is not going to help you with what your are doing. I use my table saw ,like you do. I can truthfully say that even with careful attentions to everything, not every cut comes out right every time, so I make a substantial amount of extra stock to recut as needed. Also keep in mind that you are adding errors on top of errors such that when you get to the last cut it is not uncommon to have to do a little hand tweeking with a sanding block.

On 45 deg corner cuts you have only 4 miter cuts,here you have 8 cuts. You have doubled your margin of error.

I agree with Tom and his method with the Lyon trimmer, but he has the ability to shave off a micro bit to tighten things up, the same as a plane or sanding block.

Remember that a Machinist makes things that fit every time, and wood worker MAKES things fit.

1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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