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I haven’t been on CNCZone for quite some time , and just went threw some of the threads.
Do I ever feel for these poor people . It’s sad ,especially when theirs people who have always had his back . The situation isn’t even fixable imo
I would have been one of "these poor people" had it not been for sending it back and getting a full refund. I really want to love the Saturn 2. Probably explains why others kept theirs and made do. You may have run across my New Build thread. I'm GME over there. If you're interested, my current build thread is here:

I'm behind on my updates, but have some photos and discussion to post in the next few days. Life keeps getting in my way. I am just about finished with the frame and running gear. After that, I have some new cabling to make up. I used decent cable (Belkin) the first time around, but am changing over to igus chainflex. The Belkin cable wasn't designed for CNC application; the igus is. Note: I did use igus for my spindle, but I am changing over to igus CF6, which is more heavy duty.

IMO, the owner of Fineline pretty much shot himself in the foot. His service was always spotty, but with the Saturn 2s, he was sending out machines that he had to know were pretty awful. He had to know much of what was wrong, because he did the assembly (linear rails, gantry and the like). There wasn't any evidence of any degree of QC. So sad. Did I mention that I really wanted to love the machine? Anyway, on top of it all, his service still appears to be pretty bad. I don't see how he comes back from all this, especially if he doesn't bother to put forth some effort.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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