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Lurking in the background

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Been lurking in the background, taking notes from all you fine people.
My daily goal is to check all the new post.
My weekly goal is to watch the router tv program.
My monthly goal is to build something new.

Here are some of my efforts. I work mostly with barnwood. That is a major challenge to get it right without changing the features of 150 old wood.
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Welcome to the forums Pa's Primitives...glad to have you.
Welcome to the forums Pa's Primitives! Nice to have you with us! Nice job on your projects! Keep up the good work!
Hi Pa!
Looked at your link - nice and imaginative stuff. (Has the guy noticed that one side of his barn is missing yet?)
Done better than that............took the whole barn on a midnight whiskey run.

Just kidding..........but I did buy the whole barn, and put a back door on my garage.
Then built a lean-too and sorted and stacked the wood according to colors etc.

My daughter has a craft store, and that is where most of the products end up.

Customers wiped me out over Christmas, have some major projects to start building the first of the year.

Kind of neat I get to build and buy equipment and the customers are paying for it. Not getting rich..........just having fun.

Manage to buy a Dewalt 746 contractor saw with steel wings...WOW
Dewalt miter saw, Rykon 14" band saw, Porter cable router, with table, floor model Rykon drill press, Grizzle dust collector. Ran 4" piping to all machines, with shut offs at each machine.

Put "everything" on wheels, to move around if need be.

All the above was done this year....I am suppose to be retired. Didnt retire........just move over to another challenge.
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Well, now I have wood envy, tool envy, and (apparently) space envy. There's gotta be counseling for this. Must be nice to have a source of support for your habit!
Well, happy chopping and chips - have a great new year - we'll see you around here!
hi and welcome. there are lots of great guys here. i also use a lot of old barnboard.
Welcome to the forum Pa primitives. Really nice work you did on the mirror with pegs.
Welcome Pa

Hi ya Pa. Sounds like your retirement was short. Sounds like you have another full time job. Of course, I'm sure you prefer this over your old job. :D Woodworking can be fun as long as there is no deadline to meet. :( Nice work on the crafts. Welcome to the forums.

the "Doctor"
Actually I planned ahead two years before quitting (retire) started fooling around with crafts & etc. Buying wholesale and retailing with a turn key system. Started out building one booth and stocking it (store sells my inventory sends me the money)

Then it got out of hand, at the peak had 9 booths in two different towns. Cut back to 5 and still maintain them. From there building all my own booths was offered full time job building booths......turned it down to much like work.

Made a couple of small pieces to sell, wham-000 things started selling that is when I decided that my old Makita hand saw and hammer had to go........and get real and buy the right equipment to build with.

There are at least 20-30 major items never got pictures. Customers would ask to see some of my work so I made a catalog with 100 barnwood items. Then it led to putting them on the internet.

Wish I would have started when I was 20 is the only regret I got.
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