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M12V base

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Hi all, I have an older (might be the original; at least 10 years old) M12V and I broke the cast aluminum base. It’s a discontinued part. I noticed in a store that the base of the current Makita RP2301FC looks the same (in fact, a lot of things on that router look the same). Is there any chance these Makita and Hitachi routers share parts? The base of the Makita is available to buy.
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take the motor to store and test fit it...
get your old base welded/repaired...
Hi and welcome. I’m of the opinion that Makita and Hitachi are made in the same factory. I think the parent company might be Rexon. I have that router also and it looked very much like an older Makita and appears to share the same collet. That collet is a bit of an oddity in design so it would be an odd coincidence if they weren’t the same. I also have a Makita 1900B 3 1/8” power plane and Hitachi sold an identical machine that even used the same model number. The only difference was the colour of the plastic body. So I think there is an excellent chance the bases interchange.
Thank-you! I’ll give it a shot and post the result!
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