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M12V Second Wrench

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Where can you find a second wrench for the Hitachi M12V router?
The one-wrench-spindlelock is a knuckle buster.
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Makita has the 23 mm wrench for sale. Don't know the part number but I know they sell the wrench.
I assume you are using the M12V in a router table? If so, Sommerfelds tools for wood seels a bent wrench for use with the m12V. It allows you to change bits from above the table without removing the router from the table.

I use mine in a Sommerfeld table with the wrench and can't live with out it. Their website is I don't work for them, just have some of their products which I do like very much.

I hope this helps.

I have a M12V. Look arount at flea market or pawn shop and pick up a 21mm and a 24 mm open end wrench(s). A friend of mine took the 24mm to work and "thinned" it out on a mill. Of course I always take my router out and on top of the table to change bits the same way Bob and Rick did on the series when they used their M12V's.
I plan on picking up 2 [new] wrenches for my M12V; one is a 21mm while the other should be a 23mm wrench. Are these the correct sizes?
Yes Kenadian 21mm &23mm are the correct sizes.
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