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magazine recommendations?

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as a belated father's day gift I get to subscribe to a WW mag of my choice, I know there's tons of them out there. if you could pick only one which would it be?

I consider myself a middle of the road WW'er, by no means an expert craftsman but I think I've made a few nice pieces. Always looking for more tips/jigs/techniques.

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I like Wood Magazine like Bob N. I've enjoyed Woodsmith and it's partner Shop Notes. I don't subscibe but enjoy Fine Woodworking when I get copies from the library. In fact speed some time there reviewing them and see which one fits your needs best.

That's a hard one, there are so many good ones..and some that have more adds than projects..

But I guess it would be the WoodSmith/ Time Life Books not a real magazine but a hard cover that The Life puts out and you must subscribe to,it's not cheap but the best is not.

The one I like best is the Gift Projects book :) The Toy Truck Bank is a great wood project ,I have made many out of walnut and most kids (big and small) get a kick out of it and it's great way to help them get started to save a bit. I have about 30 (books) or so and every one of them have great plans and NO adds just great wood working projects... from A to Z.
You can also get the old ones from eBay at a great price...

Just a Note****this is not the same bank as the one in WoodSmith.

Woodsmith Magazine by Time Life Books Magazine


Toy Bank Truck in #41
No. 41 (Sept./Oct. 1985) featuring a Holiday Gifts: Kid's Desk, Bank Truck, Routed Trivets and Desk Clock.

Bj :)
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Workbench is a good choice, as is Wood magazine. Popular Woodworking is right up there with them. These are my first choices for magazines. The Woodworkers Journal is too much advertising for my taste, but they do have great plans. Shop Notes is plans and few articles, and I have many issues I wouldn't be without. Woodsmith also has good projects. My suggestion is to check them all out at a book store and then decide which will best suit your needs.
As Bobj3 has already said, there are so many out there it is a difficult choice to make.
I'm currently subscribed to woodsmith, shoptnotes, and popular woodworking.
All that every one has listed so far are all good mags. to look through.
thanks for the input, I have signed up for a "free trial issue" of workbench, popularwoodworking, and wood. I figure I'll look through those and see. I guess a better question would have been- which ones to avoid? I'm sure there are tons of good ones out there.
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