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Before I chunk these magazines, I thought I would offer them free of charge.

Box #1 - 16 Issues of Shop Notes Magazine and 7 Issues of Woodsmith Magazine

Box #2 - 27 Issues of Wood Magazine.

All magazines are in excellent condition. Most have been thumbed through once or twice and then set on the shelf for "later".:grin:

I also have several specialty magazines - tips, tricks, techniques, workshop layouts, etc. I will divide up into each box.

There are many hours of reading in these boxes.

You pay the freight. Each set will come boxed in a USPS medium flat rate box...about $12/bx. I will check and get an accurate cost.

Note: Continental US destinations only.


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Generous offer, Mike. I had a large pile of similar magazines I just gave to a young friend recently. Good thing was I didn’t have to pack them up and ship them. I haven’t told him yet but I have another box of Woodsmith that go back to year one. He likes old stuff and I’ll give him those one of these days.
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