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Mike, or anyone else with the answer...

I want to make a Magic Box.

I use the Box Calculator:
A. Length... 12
B. Width..... 10
C. Height..... 6
D. # of boxes... 1
E. Material Thickness... 0.5

Gets results of:

2 12" x 10" x .5" Top & Bottom
2 12" x 5.5" x .5" Long Sides
2 9.5" x 5.5" x .5" Small sides

I want the finished size to be 6" high... from bottom to top...

According to the Plans of the Magic box, there is a 3/8" groove around the Inside of ALL Sides. When the box is all glued-up, another groove is cut around ALL sides so that the Top Lid is created which closes nicely into & over a nice fitting lip between the Lid & bottom section of the box.

As a result of those Side grooves, Inside & Outside of 3/8", wouldn't that cause the Height of the box end up to be about 3/8" shorter than the 6" I want? Therefore, requiring and additional 3/8" to be added to the Ht. of each Side to get a finished result of 6"?

Am I correct in my thinking?
Am I missing something?

Sure is a COOL project... :yes4:

Thank you very much... ;)

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I cannot include the Plan for these because I had to Buy them and it's not right for me to rePublish the Plan.

According to The Box Calculator, there are rabbets, etc. and the Glued-up box will be 6" high exactly... BUT, with the Magic Box Version, there are other things happening with grooves... When the Lid is cut off, the Lid will drop into the Bottom section... and according to my thinking, will take the height LOWER by approx. 3/8".

So, if I want the net result to really be 6" height, I should add 3/8" to the 5.5" dimension to allow for the eventual 3/8" reduction.
( 5.5 + 3/8" = 5-7/8")

People that have the Plans for the Magic Boxes, I guess, are the only people that can really understand my question.

Maybe I shouldn't have asked / Posted this question... (??)

I hope I have clarified the situation...

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If you cut the box in 2, to create the main body and lid, then a 3/8" rabbet around the outside of the main body and a 3/8" rabbet around the inside of the lid, the lid will slip down by the 3/8" inch. So you thinking is correct, add an additional 3/8" to the overall height of the sides.

come to think of it, you might want to add for the kerf of the blade your going to use to cut the box in 2....
Thank you very much!

It made sense to me... but, I wanted to get confirmation...

There is no reason to account for a kerf... the 3/8 groove on the outside is cut in such a way, there is no 'kerf' at all...

It's Magic! :)

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No saw blade needed to cut the top off the box (Lid ) that's why it called a Magic Box all done with a 3/8" router Bit..on the router table,the box is glued up and then you just cut the top off with the router bit,if I recall this right Bob R. used a 3/8" router bit for that job as well..and a V bit to put in the V groove between the base and lid.

I hope that's right I have not made one for a very long time..10 years or so maybe longer :)

Hi Bob,

I guess you agree with adding 3/8" to the HT. of the sides?

I think I said the same thing that you said... I was trying to be vague because I didn't want to spill the beans of something I bought, not having the right to do so.

Yes, it has been a LONG time... I only built one 'test' box... I'm thinking of building some more and just wanted to be sure about the 3/8" addition to the sides was needed to net-out at the height I wanted it to be.

:dance3: :dance3: :dance3:
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