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maintaining rabbet depth

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There is no such thing as a stupid question, right?

I am trying to make a rabbet cut on one edge of a board. But when I get to the end of the cut, if I keep pressure on the bearing of the bit in order to maintain the width of the cut at the end, I obviously get an ugly rounded rabbet (curved inside) when the bearing reaches the end of the board. Is there some kind simple jig, fixture, router guide, etc. out there that can fix this?


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Bob, use a backer board for your cut. This is just a simple piece of scrap wood the same thickness as your workpiece. It only has to be long enough to allow the bit to pass the end of your workpiece before the corner happens.
You also can make your board a little longer and then do your routing then trim to size.
Tack on an extension (backerboard) to your edge, or just route the rabbet prior to cutting to net dim.
Just use your fence and isolate the bearing. That oughta do it.
consistent rabbet

Thanks for all of your responses. It's nice to know that I had actually already considered a few of them since they were pretty straightforward, which is something new since often the experts give me complex solutions that I don't understand and/or don't even have the tools for!

Thanks again,

How about clamping a backer-board on the end?
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