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Making a downdraft sanding box

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I'm guessing dust control goes under the heading of 'Shop Safety'...

Every time we sand anything at all we find that the dust is just too much to deal with and takes hours to clean the shop. So I decided a downdraft sanding box is needed. I've read how some say they don't work very well but I see plenty of how-to videos so someone must like them. Even if it only helped 25% it would be better but after building it and using it I can safely say it is catching at least 75% of the dust, if not more.

So nothing new or secret here, just a video documentation of how I built mine plus the slightly entertaining value of watching us work with a 4x8 sheet in a small shop.

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Great post Dave. I am getting ready to build a sanding table also. I want to put mine under a work bench and have it slide out using drawer slides. I also may use "T-tracks" in the top so I can hold things I sand down. That would mean I would have to use 3/4" ply for the top. That would add more weight so I am not sure.
Thanks, Don!

I can tell you this is heavier than I wanted it to be. My original plan was to have it store on runners or hang directly under the table saw extension but I decided to make it the same size as the extension top so that was out. When I picked it up the first time I knew the only place to store it would be standing up against the garage door. I also thought about getting some pulleys and hanging it directly above the extension by pulling it all the way to the ceiling. But I just made the Walnut/Maple handles and will tote it back and forth.

If I were to make another one I would look at 1/4" or 3/16" hardboard with solid wood internal frame, maybe 3/4" x 3/4" sticks. That might take a little while longer to make but would probably be half the weight.
Dave that is another good video. Looks like a good project but I would have no idea where to store it when not in use. Maybe hinge it on a wall so it could be out of the way but be easy to swing it up when needed.
Thanks, Mike! I am actually considering suspending it from the ceiling and lowering it via pulleys and a rope. Then I can raise/lower it as needed.
Dave is yours hooked up to a shop vac. or a big dust collector? I would like to use my shop vac. but I don't know it I will get enough suction. If I use my big dust collector I will have to roll it closer to use it. I really don't want to have to do that because my shop is small "like yours" and it can be a hassle.
It's hooked up to the HF dust collector, Don. I think it would have to be much smaller if you were going to use a shop vac. One thing I did was to buy a 20' clear hose from Amazon and it reaches all of the tools in our shop. Powertec 4" clear 20' hose
Thanks, Mike! After the last round of tails and cutting boards I was still cleaning dust 3 days later and figured this has to stop. And I seriously should have used hardboard and made it much lighter. Of course, it is stout enough to actually work on without concern that it's going to give way. And for storage all I did is prop it against the handful of other 'too large for anywhere else' items against the garage door that only gets opened about twice a year. I left enough room that I can get to the bandsaw without moving anything.

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