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This is just one old guy's slant on the subject; now retired but spent the last 35 years with either my own sign shop or employed in one. Originally acquired/built a CNC (2011) to add to the capabilities of sign production. With that being said, I have to go with Desert Rat Tom's philosophy. If you have hopes of making a living selling your craft, you have to market it. Every successful business I've observed has done so.

At this point in my life I really enjoy making and creating only what I want to, instead of what someone has sketched out on a napkin and expect you to create it for the same cost they have into their napkin sketch, (you'da had to been there, lol ). I do take in 2 or 3 jobs a week on my CNC making parts for items that other people sell. It helps supplement my income, is really easy and keeps me in tune with operating a CNC. It is NOT creative by any stretch of the imagination. I do sell the occasional 'created' item but rarely realize a profit. Okay, I know, enough with the boring post! The point is, IMHO, if you go into business with a CNC, one needs to market and be prepared to make and sell anything and everything that justifies your being in business. Just my $.02 and your mileage may, very well vary.
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