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One thing you need to remember when you start doing work for other people, it takes time from the projects you design and want to make. Your creativity might sit on your computer for many years before you get a chance to build it or may only take up space on the computer hard drive and never see the light of day. This can also extend over into your everyday life and you could find it hard to find the time to do house repairs, work on cars, mow the property and everything else.

Another thing to consider when you do work for other people, they may want you to use materials that are not suited to the project to save a few dollars and may not agree with using quality construction techniques to save time on a project. They offer the piece for sale and when someone asks who built it they tell them you built it but they don't tell them you tried to get them to use the right materials and to use better construction techniques so you could end up with a bad reputation for the quality you produce. This type of work you don't want because not only are you making bad product you will eat yourself alive because you know it is wrong.
1 - 1 of 96 Posts