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Making a Sandpaper Holder

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I know this is sort of a woodturners jig I am wanting to make but we all use sandpaper. Any idea is appreciated!! Need to relieve some issues with my hands as much as possible!

I am a flutemaker and sand a lot of flute blanks...not hundreds but enough to know about the wear and tear on my hands and repetitive motions. I have gotten better with my lathe tools to minimize sanding buttttt I still have to do some.

I was thinking on making something that would sort of have the shape of a flute or spindle and hold a piece of sandpaper...have a sort of 1/2 circle shape ...Have a way to hold the sandpaper with the screws or whatever out of the way and be easy to change the different grits. or change out the part holding the sandpaper to another one with another girt size (?) if possible quicklyI would use it while the blank is in the lathe but lathe not running and just go up and down the blank...It would have maybe a total length of 12" or so... I have used the Sorby sandmaster but after a while they get where they dont work or spin that good anymore...I hope you all can follow this...

I have some arthritis and am 61 and hands bother me some from so much work in plants and at home...Thanks for any help!!
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I don't know if the idea will transfer to your situation or not. Depends on of your flutes are straight or tapered I suppose. Anyway, perhaps you could wrap one of your flute blanks Saran Wrap and pour Plaster of Paris around it. You'd need to reinforce the Plaster of Paris with fiberglass strands or something to keep it from breaking. Then you can shape the outside of the block to suite your hand and wrap it in sandpaper. I used the idea on a 5" radius cove molding I made on my tablesaw, but I had a large block of plaster that was thick enough not to need reinforcement. Anyway, maybe you can improve on my idea somehow and make it work for you.
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Andy's idea is good for repetitive work. For non repetitive work I am envisioning something like a hacksaw frame with clamps similar to a pad sander added to each end.
Drill a deep hole in a chunk of wood, then slice through it so you get 170 degrees or so of the hole left. You'll need a drill press or a pretty steady hand. Use a bit a little larger than the diameter of the flute. Line the inside of the hole with some of the new 3M sanding material (transparent, lasts forever, flexible).

Or take a block of wood just a bit wider than the flute body. Add side pieces of some fairly stiff material (ply) so you make a U shape. Affix the sandpaper on the outside of one of the legs, then drape it loosely between the legs and affix to the other side. I guess you could use Gorilla tape for this. This should let you conform the shape to the flute, even if it was tapered. Plane and sand the block to a rounded shape and add some more wood to the sides to make a comfortable grip. Make the center piece from a chunk of 4x4 and rabbit or groove the space for the "legs" and you can carve the handle to any shape up to that size using a plane, chisel, knife or saw. Cut the grooves before rounding the 4x4. Save some work by trimming away much of the waste with your table saw. Should help your hands tolerate sanding much better.

The new 3M sanding medium is very aggressive and because it flexes, it is self cleaning, so you could use this for some time before changing the sand"paper". Make a couple for different grades of grit.

The gray circle started as the 4x4. The legs are dark gray, and the heavy line is the sandpaper. If the sandpaper tears in this configuration, put a bit of canvas behind it for support. You could probably tape the paper in place on the legs, or use short pins or staples on a thicker leg. I'd probably glue the canvas on if I needed it. The 3M stuff will mean you need less pressure to sand effectively.


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