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Today, we are going to learn from Bob Rosendahl about how you can make an inlay into a piece of wood and also a drawer pull. The shape of the inlay does not matter as you can use your imagination to get the shape into place. The same applies to the drawer pull as well.

Let us begin by doing an inlay in the first place. In this case, you will first need to cut a plug and then cut a piece of wood to fit that. This means the router will have to be operated from the top and not as fitted in the table. Therefore, you will have to remove the router from the table and put in place a pattern jig with the shape of the inlay into it. You do not need a pattern jig to hold the piece of wood in place. You can stick it up on the table with some tape and run the router from the top. However, in this episode we have a pattern jig for convenience and the ease at which we can show you how to make an inlay. This packaging has a pattern of a heart on the top. Inside we have piece of wood in which will be cutting a hole in the same shape as well.

This time we will be using a punge type router which comes in perfectly straight and can be locked up into place. This router is easy to get into a pattern and move around into the type of shape you want to create. You will need to insert a guide which is 7/16 in size. You can fit the guide into the router and fix it into place with the ring from the inside. We will be using a quarter inch spiral bit which can cut a quarter inch slide once it is fixed on the router. Make sure that the bit centers in the guide as it is extremely important to do that. You can use and aligning pin to ensure that the router bit is properly centered. Once you have these things in place you are ready to cut the pattern that you have chosen. You must remember to always move in a clockwise direction. Plug in the router and you are ready to make your first inlay.

The first time you go around the type of shape you want and after that you will be required and then run it inside to get a neat inlay after which you can cut a piece of wood, which will fit into the inlay. Once you are finished with this you will need to change the piece of wood and put in place another piece which you will be cutting to fit into the plug. This time you will only be running the router on the perimeter of the word. This will ensure that you have a plug which will fit into the inlay that you created. Cut the wood slowly and do not try to push it too fast. Once you are through the cutting you can take the piece of wood and fitted into the inlay that you created. Make sure you trim the edges as it will give you the perfect fit.

Let us now make a drawer pull in the same shape. This time we are going to use a 7/8 guide, and a 3/8 spiral bit to rout out the mass in the middle. Ensure that you have this equipment in place before you go ahead and rout out a cavity in the wood. Next it is time to change the bit. We will have to use the finger pull bit which will be convenient. As we will be looking forward to creating a little ridge around the shape, we will have to make sure that we start at the Centre and go around the edges finishing at the center again. Once you are through with the cutting you will have a drawer pull ready to be used.

In this episode, we have shown how to make inlays and drawer pull in the shape of a heart. However, you can let your imagination run wild and create any shapes you want. Bob and Rick Rosendahl have provided details about how it can be done without going through a great deal of hassles. Take a look at episode number 112 and you will get a good idea about how you can use your routers to good effect.

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