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I am so honored to be in the company of those who have made them before me: Sam Maloof, Garry Knox Bennett, Paul Schürch, and Judson Beaumont.

I completed the sculpture and it’s on its way to AWFS which I will be presenting on Thursday 22nd.


Entitled Pursuit, this sculpture is made of domestic curly maple, FRP, and 24k gold leaf. Its circular form represents the evolution of a woodworker’s career: a continuous search to create something unique, reaching for one’s personal gold standard of accomplishment in craftsmanship and design. The interior “bark” adds whimsey and interest: bark could never be bent in such a way, and woodworkers in-the-know will be captivated by it and possibly mystified. I created it by taking a mold off real bark, casting it in FRP, applying it to the interior curve, and painting it to appear real.

Here is a video on how I made it.

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Wonderful result...
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