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making custom subbase

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I am totally new to this! Want to use a P-C 7310 as a sign making router using a guide set I bought online. I have the plastic to make a new,clear base to replace the present solid color. However, I can't come up with a way to create a 1 1/8" hole dead center a piece of 8"X8" plastic. Hole saw?
I'm stumped, but like I said, I'm new at this. I do not have a drill press.
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Welcome to the forum!

How about if I ask you a couple of questions..... Are you sure you want to make this or is buying one an option? Why do you want the hole dead center? How did you pick the hole size? Any thoughts to using template guides with this sub base? And the last question.... do you have a friend with a drill press?

I'm not trying to put you on the spot here but a new clear sub base might turn out cheaper then making your own.

Now if you have access to a drill press check out:

Hey even if you don't take a look at the information it might help......

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Welcome Birchwood, If you still decide to build your own I would use a good forstner bit as opposed to a hole saw, The cut will be cleaner and more accurate. Of coarse a drill press is a necessity not an option. Good luck. Rick
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