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Hi kmdsouza

This one starts with a good template (pattern) then I make a jig to hold the stock to copy the template the norm, but then sometimes I don't need a template I just need a way to hold the stock so I will make a fixture or jig to do that.
A jig can be anythng that lets you keep your fingers out of the way of the router bit,a fixture can be anythng that lets you copy a item over and over the same way.
But you are right the template must be dead on and the fixture must be the same and must stand up to let you do the same thing over and over.
Most fixtures wear out in time and must be replace with a new copy of them.

Bj :)

kmdsouza said:
Hi All,

Jigs and fixtures would have to be perfect to achieve a good product. Wouldn't you need a good jig or fixture to create that good jig/fixture? And in turn, a good j/f to create the last one, etc?
Where does one start?
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