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you have more than enough for a couple of nice sized boxes. Do you have a particular size in mind, and how many in total do you intend to make. No way will you get a couple of 3/8" by resawing. I'd go for a nice 1/2" for sides and tops. Dovetailing will ensure a sound construction of the box. Things to consider might be given your reservations are.
Outside dimensions: Length, width, height (including lid)
what to use for the bottom and how to incorporate it into the sides (dado or groove)
what kind of lid (top) will it rest atop the upper edges of the sides or will it lay within the inner dimensions. If it lays within the inner dimensions, how will you lift the lid up
what type of hinge will you be using
feet: flat bottom, feet cut into the body, attached individually
flocking or felt for the inside
Anything special you would like to include into the builds (inlay, trim, accents etc...)
finish schedule

do you have the equipment to do what you want to do. Do you have a "GOOD" resaw blade? Your bandsaw is well know for it's resawing capabilities so you should be good there. White oak can be VERY VERY hard to resaw. A good setup and a nice slow feed rate and you'll be golden. If you're new to resawing I'd suggest cutting your boards down to more manageable lengths based on your dimensions.

If this is all new to ya, just think it thru, plan ahead and ASK when your not sure first......plenty of folks to help you along the way in here :)
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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