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This is my first post on this hello everyone.
Now to the reason your looking at this...
I have for sale a Makita 3612c. The router is in great shape.It has been well taken care of. It looks to have everything on it. Im selling it to be honest because i have no use for it. I know, i know you guys must think im crazy. This router was my granddads ( carpenter of 57 years ) he has since retired and gave this router to me. Im in need of other tools. This being my first post i can not link pictures so, email me for pics and info. I will be accepting any reasonable and fair offer. Buyer pays shipping and i only accept paypal.
[email protected] I have over 100 transactions on eBay. Im no newbie to internet sales.
send all questions to my email !!!
I hope i have not offened anyone for joining only to sell this, maybe oncei find out how great routers are ill be back !!!
Thanks for your time
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