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Makita precision straight guide on Dewalt router?

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Does anyone know if the Makita precision router straight guide (see photo) will fit the Dewalt 625?


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It would have to match both rod size and rod spacing so chances aren't good. I showed how to make your own guide fence in Paduke's Shop Hack's thread. It would take maybe an hour give or take to do that. I suppose it would be possible to make a fine adjusting one too. In some adjusting systems (like fine adjust on a router table) you have two separate pieces joined together that each clamp to your table (or guide rods). To fine adjust you clamp the adjusting one and unclamp the main one and turn a fine thread screw to get the right position and then clamp the main back down.
Chuck covered all the main points. There doesn't seem to be any industry standard for the rod size.
Does anyone here have the Dewalt 625?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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