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Makita RP1800 lifts off posts

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Hi forum, I purchased a used Makita RP1800 which looks in decent condition but when you lift it up after plunging it comes right off the posts, exposing the springs. Is this supposed to happen? I can't see any limiter or anything obviously broken.
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Welcome to the forum.
G'day Lumberjake, welcome to the forum...

That happened to me one time with my Makita 3612C. Scared the c%[email protected] out of me.

Check the picture.
This plastic rod sits on a nut that screws down to limit the travel of the springs
It should have been there when you bought the router (if not the rod, at least the nut.)

It may have jiggled loose when you were using the router.

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Get back to me, if you have any issues and we will sort it out.

Where are you?
Hi @Lumberjake , sounds like the previous owner had taken out the springs to use the machine in a table, then did not re-assemble completely. If you face the machine with the switch handle to your right, there should be a black nylon thumb-nut and locking nut on the top of the motor housing, above the left post. They may be missing from your machine - the guy may have put them in a “safe place” when he took the springs out.
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Sorry about the duplicate. James beat me to it.
Thanks both for the welcome! James - the rod is present, with adjuster knob at the top so the the rod screws down to limit plunge depth. But it's not obvious to me how this rod could limit upward movement. There is however the locking level on the back which stops the router sliding on the posts altogether - are you supposed to lock this off after every plunge, or risk lifting the tool of its base? This seems like an odd design.
I am in sydney, in the inner west.

Edit: @Biagio I think you're correct. There is just a hole on the top of the housing above where the depth markings are, suggesting a bolt that screws down into the left post is missing. Does this sound like what you're referring to?

Found a parts guide - Part 65 (Screw M10) and associated nuts are clearly missing. Thanks both for your ready answers.

It also sounds a bit crunchy (spring noise rather than grit) as it slides - is that just a matter of lubrication?

I should note this is the first router I've owned - in case that wasn't already evident!

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There should be a threaded rod which screws into the base. This guide shows it better.

There may be dust in the posts. Take out the springs and clean out. One of the posts fits in a linear bearing, but that is unlikely to have failed.
Another thought: if the threaded rod is in place, there should be a plastic tube (silent post on the manual I have referenced) that slides between the rod threads and the spring, to prevent what you describe. The guy may have lost that too.
THis is the rod I was referring to.

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The nut size is M10 - 1.5

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How did you go?

I see a few Makita routers in Cash Converters. You might be able to find one for spares, that would fix your problem.
( or take it back to get your money back, if you bought a broken machine with missing parts)
Thanks for checking in - I have ordered replacement parts (bolt and top and bottom nuts). In the meantime I firstly rotated the alignment of motor and base 180 degrees because former owner had indeed separated them, evident not only from missing parts but that they'd re-attached the base backwards (safety window towards back).
I then bought a threaded rod and nuts for just a few dollars to temporarily prevent motor lifting off. Shielded the thread from the spring by sliding a big boba tea straw over the rod.
Then I gave it a roll - it's got a lot of grunt. Really impressed with how clean the finish is, especially the bottom face of the cut. Should be great for routing our bowls/dishes/spoons which is what I'm initially using it for. Will be experimenting with jigs and top bearing bits to that end.
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Also I got a partial refund. Total cost AUD250 inc. parts. No idea if that's good.
Still missing the lateral slide out of base part and guides though which is frustrating, but I maybe don't need that if I can work out another way to cut a neat circle. If I can't maybe will buy a replacement.
There are tons of posts on Youtube and in the forum on making a circle jig.

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Given that I'm cutting small circles a jig with a series of rings is probably the way to go - thanks jw. A million instructive pics here Circle Jig
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