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man made marble

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Router Wkshp had episode on edge routing of laminates and man made countertop material. (Similar in appearance to granite). Does anyone know of a supplier I may order the man made product from to make my own counter tops. I have tried Wilsonart and Fomica who both make these products but they will not sell to DIYers. Thanks, Warren
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HI WCicotte

I think this is one you are talking about,see below

Counter Topping

The router is the tool of choice for trimming, fitting and cutting laminates, counter topping and veneers.
Bob and Rick show simple procedures with the router to make that counter top a professional fit.
Manufactured marble cuts well with the router.
A counter with a 45-degree splice can be professionally cut with the router. Edge trimming or inlaid wood in the counter edging is best done with the router.
Watch episode #1413 for counter top tips and router procedures on the Router Workshop.

You may want to check with a couter top shop in your area or in the yellow pages and ask them if they have any cut off offs, most do and they will be glad to sell them to you because most of the time they will go into the dumpster at the end of the week.

They may say no, but some will say ,you can dig some out of the trash if you want you will be surprise how much they put in the trash.
Take it from a old dumpster diver like me. :)
One man's trash is a another man's treasure. :

Bj :)
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thanks for your input. I'm realy looking for enough material to make two counter tops for kitchen. Thanks,
Hi WCicotte

If you do a for "man made countertop material" you see many,many places to get what you want. :)
Then once you find what you want then do a for the best price.

Bj :)
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