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Mantle Clocks for Christmas

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Here are some clocks I made for Christmas. The plans are from an old Woodsmith magazine article. I made 2 clocks from Oak and 2 from Mahagoney. I downloaded the clock faces from the internet and used Libre Office (Free) to size and print the faces.

I used several tools to make:

Table Saw (Powermatic 66)
Scroll Saw (Hegner)
Router Table (Incra Positioner and PC 890 Router)

I hand finished the clocks with Minwax Wiping Poly Satin.

The original plan had hinges on the front door but I atttached them permanently. I cut a hole in the back panel to allow setting of the clock and replacement of the battery.

I have made a lot of clocks over the years. Some are sitting in peoples living rooms not running because I did not put a hole in the back panel. I used screws to secure the back panel and people are too lazy to take the back off.

All of the wood is recycled. I got the wood on The wood originally came from a closed factory that made church furniture. Many of the boards were 4/4 but were blued up to be legs or something. I have about 30 blanks glued up to be the pew ends. Someday I will make some benches.


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Really like them a Guy, nice work . They all kind of have there own personality
Clocks can be fun.

Nice lumber score, too!!
Having made many such clocks over the years I'm in a position to say that yours are first class.
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Very nice, Guy. I'm a big fan of clocks, and these are very appealing. Thanks.
Very nice and very attractive. Good use of the wood. I bet you had a time making them.:wink:
Got a clock on my to-do list.
Guy your clocks are really nice. Like others, I have made a lot of clocks and I made so many everyone got tired of them. :surprise:

PS- I use square drive screws in the back of my clocks. >:)
Very nicely done. What clock mechanisms are you using?
Very nice!
Fantastic,Guy, They came out real good, I like them,good job.
What type of clocks

Very nicely done. What clock mechanisms are you using?
I got a pack of 4 from Hobby Lobby. They are just the little AA battery chinese made clocks. I painted the hands black. In the picture only one has the hands black. After I built them I put them up below the TV to watch. Sometimes the clocks do not keep correct time. I noticed that the gold color was hard to see in the dim room.

Thanks for all the nice comments.
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Nice work they look beautiful.

Cheers Kerry
Nice clocks, Guy. I gotta try and make one, maybe from oak flooring left-overs.
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