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Manual and wrenches

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I got a used (good condition) Black and Decker 7600 5/8 HP, and came with the straight router guide.
I need to get the 2 wrenches for it to lock and unlock the router bits.
Also, it would be nice to get the manual for this router as well.
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Hi James and welcome. The manual won't help you learn to rout. It most goes over safety and and how to make an adjustment and maybe shows parts, which there may not be any of any more for that router. You're better off to get a book by someone like Patrick Spielman, Bill Hylton, or Pat Warner. There is nothing special about the wrench sizes, they'll be stock but you may need to get them in tappet style which are thinner than normal.
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See if you can measure the distance across the flats of the collet nut and the flat on the armature.

then you can find the appropriate stamped steel wrench to fit it, or if you're lucky, a regular combination wrench will work.

Most of the wrenches are available individually for a reasonable amount, the set below shows what type of wrench I am referring to. is where I found the blade wrenches for my TS.
Do what I did.
Did not like the wrenches that came with my table saw, so I just ground down the face a little of a craftsman wrench, repolished it, and it looks like factory.
This way I get more grip on the wrench, and a much better built and nicer to look at wrench.
Will post a pic if needed. I think it was a 1 1/8 wrench and a 7/8 wrench I did this to.
Wow up to 50.00 for a wrench (and you need 2), is insane Stick. Just go to a pawn shop and they seem to have all the flat wrenches, as people forgot what they were used for.
So there is always a bin with a few dozen wrenches for 1.00 each.
Not that I shop at pawn stores, but in a pinch for something like this, it is worth a look.
G'day James, welcome to the forum.
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