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Marble relief polishing/smoothing

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Hello guyz,

I am new to the industry i work on a 3 axis cnc router for the industry of marble and stone.
I have an issue and thought you might help me with. I need a solution to smooth reliefs on the CNC Machine after the relief is engraved. Don't know if i am using a wrong bit type for the finishing phase or it is normal to polish it manually when the machine's job is done.

Thanks for the help
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Welcome to the forum.
Can't answer your question but someone should be able to shortly. Meanwhile, welcome to the forum.
Some pictures of what you have done would help. Also what bit are you using for your finish pass of the relief and how much stepover are you using for the bit? Are you machining in a water bath, using a flooding spray system, or machining dry?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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