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Welcome Router and Woodworking Enthusiasts,

This newsletter we are discussing some topics on a router skis, what is a good quality and affordable router?, guide bushing calculations and a member finishes his new router table. We also just recently launched our new Power Tool Manuals database in the months to come we are hoping to populate it with a lot of quality manuals for people to learn from.

What is a Good Quality Router?
Hana is looking for an affordable good quality router for her husband and asks the community for some advice. Check out the discussion and learn a bit about your different options when it comes to purchasing a router.
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Finally Completed Router Table
Jimmie shares his complete hand made router table with the community. Read Jimmie's story as he takes us through the process from start to finish!
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Newly created router skis...

Matthew shows us his newly completed router skis and explains the process of how to use them. Check out this great discussion and learn how to setup router skis of your own and start getting more out of your router!
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Guide Bushing Calculations

The community engages in a discussion on guide bushing calculations, stop by and learn about guide bushings!
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Power Tool Manuals
We recently launched our new power tool manuals database and we encourage everyone to share their power tool manuals to the community and help us create an index of power tool manuals! Also feel free to stop by and download any manual already in our database absolutely free!
Power Tool Manuals - Router Forums

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