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March Shows

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I have attached the collection of March Woodworking Shows and Events. I as able to find some information for our friends in Canada. Your input is always welcome, and any comments regarding the outcome of a show or event would be nice. :)


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If anyone is planning on going to the one in Kitchener, let me know. Maybe we can hook up somewhere along the way. Anyone coming from MI, or OH, it's about 3 hours once you cross the border.

BrianS, if you get the opportunity to go to the show, maybe you could post a report on what you saw.
Does Bob & Rick have a tour schedule, that can be posted?
I'm pretty sure Bob isn't traveling the circuit anymore. I had the pleasure of meeting him him a couple years back at the Woodstock,ON show and he was pretty certain that it was going to be his last time.

That's to bad, I enjoy watching them work. I can only catch them on the Woodworking Channel. The PBS station here dropped the show about a year ago. I wrote them asking to have it put back, but no luck.
RMaxa, thanks for keep us updated on the shows :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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