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Marketplace Rules
Last updated: 4/6/2010

Buyer and Seller Beware! takes no responsibility for our members actions in all Marketplace transactions. You as the buyer / seller are 100% responsible to verify the legitimacy of the sale, method of transaction and quality of the product(s) or service. is not liable for any faulty trades or misrepresented sales / services. In extreme cases, may take action against the violating party by removing their account from the community in an effort to prevent further problems.

  1. No non-woodworking related advertisements / services
    You are not permitted to advertise your company if it isn't related to woodworking, home renovation, arts & crafts or construction.
  2. No adult, pornographic or malicious advertisements / services or comments
    Just like on all other areas of the community, you're not permitted to post any adult, pornographic or malicious content on the community.
  3. No affiliate related links or websites.
    You may not post a link to another website with an affiliate link, or a link that you will reap financial benefit if users visit it.
  4. Selling, requesting or advertising illegal content / materials
    You may not sell, request or advertise illegal content or materials. You must be the owner of the item that you're selling. Meaning, you may not attempt to sell pirated media.

Services and Advertisement Forum Restrictions
  1. All websites linked must not require registration in-order for the visitor to view the information.
  2. No woodworking forum links are permitted.
  3. You must have 25 posts before you may share your link in this forum.
* The Marketplace rules may be updated at any time without notice, as a registered member of you're obligated to remain updated to these rules prior to posting within the Marketplace.
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Not open for further replies.