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If you do a search and look at reviews it seems about 20% on Amazon call it junk because of the less than flat bottom cut. I guess it really depends on what quality you want/need and how much clean up you're willing to do. I have a Freud set that does OK but not the greatest either. That said I think it was a $90 set. A really good set could cost you up to several hundred more. But I'm particular about buying "stuff" that doesn't have a good return policy to. If it doesn't do the advertised job it's going back. Plain and simple. Check reviews and make sure it's for the product you're interested in as Amazon has a bad habit of grouping "all" let's say blades as blades and not their respective brand/model. Just saying, read reviews from multiple sources and see what they say.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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