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Micro Fence

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Has anyone seen this fence in use or know of anyone who has used it.

Seems kinds of expensive for what its purpose is.
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If you're cheap (or thrifty) like I am, you could try making your own. I think one of the magazines a while back had plans for one, based around a piece of 3/8"-16 NC piece of all thread. The 16 threads per inch give you 1/16 advance per turn, or 1/64" per quarter turn.

Plus, it's always fun to make something that costs "real" money, and spend your savings on something else.
Hi: I have the Micro Fence, and have used it, I also have the circle guide, from Micro Fence. They are very well built and guarantied for life. Right out of the box I cut a 4 ft circle in some plexi glass for a table top. I also used it to cut datos in some book cases, for under sized plywood. It is expensive but I feel it is well worth the price.
The micrometer built into the jigs makes it possible to be right on every time and to repeat cuts.
Thanks for your reply Richard, I've been giving it some thought.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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