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Does anyone have a reasonably easy solution for this?

I often wish I had a micro height adjustment feature on my router
table. But I don't. Neither does the router that's in there. So
every time I want to adjust the cutter height I have to struggle
against the upside down plunger springs and if I get within 1/4" of
where I need to be I feel I've done well, especially if I haven't
injured myself in the process. What I'm thinking about is something
like a very small scissor jack or screw jack that I can place below the
upside down-hanging router and (with the table bolted to the bench) be
able to push and also release the jack to fine degrees to give me some
measure of control. I've looked to see but I can't find any way of
removing the plunge springs which are inside steel tubes.

Anyone have any ideas? Are there router tables sold which incorporate
a micro adjustment feature or is that always a function of the router


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Foggytown, first question: what brand /model router are you using? 2nd question: is this your only router and do you remove it for free hand work? 3rd question: Are you using a mounting plate that will lift up out of the table?

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Take a look at the link below,it will help with the springs.

But your best off NOT to remove the springs from the router,the Porter Cable and others routers come with one router motor that you can use into two fixtures,plunge base and a standard base.
The standard base can be put in to your router table with a base plate that you can just pop in or out and do all your adjustments and bit change on the top of the router table.
You don't need the pop out base plate if you don't want to use it because the standard router can be adjusted from under the table quick and easy and you can just drop the router motor out the bottom of the table to insert a new bit.

But the key is the brand of router you have now,many wood workers have more than one router, the combo kit for P.C. routers go for about 200.oo bucks and you can get them from just about any wood workers store or lumber yard.
If you don't want to put out 200.oo bucks for routers at this time take a look at I just got a Freud 3 1/4HP for 119.oo ,it's was a plunge router but now it's in a router table and it has the Height Adjustment that's great :) .
plus you can do it from under side of the router table quick and easy plus you can change the bits from the top side of the table or mount it to a pop out base plate.

If you still want to make a Micro Height Adjustment take a look at the ones on this web site that others have made,some look like they will work but most look kind of funky, you want it simple and easy to use and true.
It's no big deal to make a Height Adjustment but the hard part is to LOCK it so it will stay once you set it...and then let go when you want to readjust it, that's the hard part,it must be easy and simple or you will not use it .

Here's link to some base plates from Oak-Park (RWS)
I should note****the Oak-Park base plates have a 1 1/2 hole for the brass bushing/guides the standard size is 1 3/16" the norm,so you will need to buy the brass guides from Oak-Park to go with the base plates.
Some have a 3 1/8" hole

Bj :)
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