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Milescraft Pro question

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Hi! I am just getting into sign making and beginning my journey by getting used to my Dewalt trim router and using a Milescraft kit. I have the hang of putting the jig together but after doing my first test sign, I have these ridges in the middle of the letters. How do I avoid these or do I have to use my Dremel to "fine tune" the routed letters? Thanks so much!
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Not too clear on what you mean by ridges, John.
John, could you post photos?
Welcome to the Forum John,

I was in Sweden in 2015 when I worked for SSAB Steel. Spent a week in Oxolesund, beautiful country !

As said in a previous post, pictures are worth a thousand words.

Any ridges would be caused by the bit not cutting dead center or because there is a gap from following the template around the edges and the bit is not fully cutting to the bottom which could be corrected by running the bit down the center of the template without touching either side (if the guide is narrow enough to allow that). John we need to see the bit , the guide, and the template. You can post pictures from your hard drive by using the Go Advanced posting option.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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