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Rating 7/10 (it's light duty) but worth the money in my opinion.

When doing that really fine routing do you ever feel like you are trying to park a Mack truck at the shopping mall? I just got finnished playing with a new toy, it's a Milescraft plunge router base that fits with my King rotary tool (dremel). It has a handy depth gauge, thumb plunge release, and it actually has a dust extraction port that fits my central vacuume cleaner!

It's cheap and cheezy, but it gets the job done. The rotary tool screws into the base and is quite secure so long as you remember your "router" (dremel) is measured in Mosqiuto Power not Horse Power. For me it opened the door for a whole new world of light duty work. I have never thought of doing inlaid work before but now I might attempt it.

They also offer a "Spiro Crafter" package (templates) that gives you results something like the "Spirograph" (remember the kids toy) designs that you can engrave into wood. I picked it up in about five minutes. I see on their website that they also offer a lettering kits.

This isn't a high end product, but so long as you use it at a hobby (non professional) level it will get the job done.

Pro's: inexpensive, quick to learn, gets the job done.

Cons: not sturdy enough for commercial use, won't last forever with frequent use.

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A nifty tool for fine work. Both Dremel and Rotozip also offer plunge bases.
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