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Mill-Right 3-Axis Routing Milling Center
I bought this machine new for $2,600 and never used it because I got sick.

Now you can save big and get a very unique tool that will do almost everything in your woodworking shop all for only $1,600.

NEW Mill-Right 3-Axis Router Milling Center has a Verti-Mill, Y-Post Mill, Side Mill, Guide Fence, Precision Positioned control with handle cranks, ACME lead screws & nuts, ball bearing and linear bearings, Auxiliary Milling Table with stops at 0,45 & 90 plus 4 T-Slots 2 horizontal & 2 vertical,
Flat Milling to 0.005 in, Leg set stand, Convenience switch, Extend-a-mill from 16 to 28in with Y direction increased by 75%, all the safety accessories, clamping kit, dust collection kit, Dovetailing index plates, extended table, Router drop-in support plate with oversize hole, centering tools, Side Mill to mill 3,4,5,6,&8 flats straight or tapered or fluting can work back and forth between Spindle-Mill and wood lathe, has 15 steps and special 72 set of holes for 5 sided milling,

This machine harnesses your router for total control to thousandth of an inch along 3 axes.

Build anything you can imagine this machine will do the job,

No other tool like it.
Quality from the cast-iron work-surfaces to precision-ground carriage guides.
Engineered with CAD software for precision and smooth operation.

Pay much more from a dealer like $2,600 so my asking price of $1,600 is a give-away price.

Grow you shop with more projects by eliminating laborious setups and frustrating mistakes.
See pictures at KSL classified Salt Lake or Craigslist Salt Lake.
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