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Mini RT

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Hi colleagues.
My homemade milling machine is collecting sawdust meanwhile I am studying some modifications. I took the trimmer to make a small project and once I finished it I thought that a mini RT would be useful for some small projects. With it, I will not use the monster RT that I made some years ago.

Except glue and some screws, all the materials are recycled.:smile::smile:


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Recycling at its best! Congrats on your new RT - hope it finds a lot of use.
Very nice, Alexis...and great use of "spare" wood...good techniques on the build...good luck with it...
Always good to have a sturdy platform and well made from available sources.
I have found a lot of times a small table like this is all it takes for small and some medium-sized jobs.

I have double-sided tapped 1/4" MDF to the router base plate to make a quick one but you made the supreme deluxe model.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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