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I am seeking a replacement DC Connector for a Mirka Ceros - part number: MIN6512411. The Ceros was discontinued; it was superseded by the Deros. I've been down the normal paths. I contacted Mirka USA: they don't have one and said that I may be able to obtain one from the EU; however, all of the sites I've researched there do not ship to the U.S. (this is one of them: DC Cable Male Plug for CEROS [MIN6512411] - £6.27 : Abrasives Online | Mirka Abrasives | 3M Products). I have reached out to a bunch of entities - including to those in the EU who note that they don't ship outside of the EU. No joy on all fronts to this point.

The connector is very similar to this Neutrik part: But Neutrik makes several similar connectors and none of them appear to be specific to a DC application (I've written to them but have not received a reply yet).

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas or faced a similar conundrum and managed to solve for it.

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to offer.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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