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Misaligned holes in phenolic plate

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I drilled the router base mounting holes, in my Rousseau phenolic plate, and they didn't line up correctly. Is there a way to fill the holes and start over and hopefully get the correct positions to mount the Hitachi M12V router to the plate? I used the routers' base plate as a guide, as specified in the instructions, but the alignment was off.
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Hi jrs4464

Two ways to fix this type of error, one just turn the router base 1" to the right or the left of the holes you now have and drill new ones.
You can go back and use a plug cutter to make a plug to file the holes but I would just let them be, and it's good reminder to measure twice and drill once.
Or make a jig and use the router bit to put in a 82deg.(90 deg.) slot to the right spot so the holes will line up.
Use a brass guide in the templet to make the slot.
Just a tip to align the router base, find 4 screws that are the same size as the mounting screws for the router, grind the heads off and then grind screws to a sharp point ,screw them in the base tap the base with a hammer ,,,,this will put a center point to drill the holes in the plate from the back side and use a 1/8" bit to start with then filp the plate over and put in the couter sink holes then drill the holes out to the right size.

Good Luck
Bj :)
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