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i have a axiom cnc yhat for some reason will skip some of the g code? i was trying to make a clock last night, it just missed cutting half the minute markers and half of the 4. i purchased the clock face program on etsy. when i preview the toolpath is works fine?
thought i had a bad usb, so i used a new one, formated it and copyied only the v carve toolpath
and reran it, same result. when i originaly ran the program i had consolidated the clearance
end mill files and also the v carve files. some areas of the end mill clearance went deeper than they should have, although they also previewed properly. i have a o look it's wine time in the center of the clock face, that i have carved into several signs, and it worked fine. i am using
verbatim 32g usb's that i have had no trouble with? have some 16g scandisc that i havent tried.
any ideas? thought changing usb's while axiom running may be bad, although have done so many times, i shut down and restarted with usb installed and same result.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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