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missing some menus in UCANCAM V9

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Hello Guys. I'm new member here hope to get help here!
I have UCanCam V9 But i messing some menus like ( Path - Utility - Nesting ).
How can i enable these menus? Please Help
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This may go better in the CNC section. Just a quick look it appears it is licensed through using a dongle, so if you haven't already, you may need to order that from them. If you are still having issues, you may need to contact their support.
Hello and welcome to the router forum
I move your post to CNC
>> MikeMa
Thanks for replaying sir.

I already have a dongle, and when installing program that not required the license! just asked me for dongle and UCanCam working fine without any problems! just i missing that minus i mention it.

If you told me maybe that menus is not exists in my UCanCam version, i watch many videos has a same version i have and that menus is enabled for them UCanCam.

Please still need help.
>> Semipro
Thanks sir to welcome.
Sorry for i post my issue in wrong department, so thanks for moving it.

Still need help sir.
I am not familiar with the app you are using. At think at this point your best bet would be to contact their support and ask them about it. Sorry I wasn't more help.
>> MikeMa

Thanks Very much for your replaying!
But can you give me link of UCanCam V9.8 without dongle!
I want to install it in my device and look for problem!

Because that device i missed menus in it, is my work pc and i do not have time there to trying!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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