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miter gauge for table saw, help

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has anyone used the Osborne EB-3 miter gage. I have been looking at diffrent after market miter gages any place from $100.00 to $250+, not that i want to spend that much for a miter gage but.
the osborne is about $165.00 and before i was to spend that much i was hopeing i could hear some positve and negitve comments about this gage it would be a big help.
thank you for your help. ;)
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Hi: I have the ACCU MITRE, Ihave had it for years and it is quite accurate. I don't
think that the Osborne could be any better. It is priced a little higher, but I can't see
it being all that much better. Hope this helps you out.
Look into the Incra 1000 it is priced under $100.00 and is supposed to be rated highly.
Miter Guages-Do You Really Need to Spend the Money?

I have and Osborne, and was quite excited when it arrived. However, I found that it is somewhat awkward to use, and probably wouldn't spend the $'s on it if given the choice a 2nd time around.
It really depends on what you need a "souped up" miter guage to do. As far as cutting accurate miters, I've found with experience that an accuract drafting angle, or protractor, can be used to set the angle on the miter guage that comes with most good table saws (mines a Unisaw). If you need a longer bearing surface to push the piece through the blade, simply fasten a scrap of plywood or hardwood to the miter guage using drywall or Vix screws. Then take it off when you're done.
If you're looking for a "souped up" miter guage to provide more accuracy on standard crosscuts, save your money and instead build crosscut boxes in several different sizes.
I'm only guessing on why you think you need an expensive aftermarket miter guage, but thought I'd share my practical experience with you.
Hope it helps.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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