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Miter gauge

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I'm shopping for a mitre gauge, and am looking at a couple..

First, the Incra 1000se.. I like the vernier and slot width adjustments.. I've found it for $132 including shipping..

Second is the Osborne EB-3.. This one scraps the protractor setup, and uses the triangle, and is reversible to either side.. I can get this one for $109..

Any thoughts on these or others?
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Hi Mike

Just my 2 cents :)

I like the Osborne and this is why ▼

Osborne EB-3 Table Saw Miter Guide

"This might be the most accurate, smartest, and safest after-market saw gauge we’ve ever seen.
Instead of the protractor-type gauge that typically comes with a table saw, Osborne built theirs on a triangular model.
When they say "rock solid, dead accurate," they’re not kidding: It’s guaranteed to be accurate to within 1/30th of a degree right out of the box.
You’ll never have to attach another auxiliary fence to a miter gauge and worry about it warping. Clean, smooth, accurate crosscuts happen every time without hassle.
Operation is as simple as your standard miter gauge, but with this ingenious system, even a beginner can’t make a miscut.
Repeat angle cuts, and all your workpieces are interchangeable and identical.
A telescoping extension means even long boards are fed true into the blade.
No pro shop should be without this, and hobby woodworkers will love the results.--
Kris Jensen-Van Heste"

From the Manufacturer

The all new Osborne by Excaliber EB-3 has three laser-cut expansion slots in the guide bar to provide a more positive fit in your saw.
The new fence extension allows for more solid support of long material and carries the flip top ou to 42-inches.
The EB-3 is built to be accurate to within 1/30th of a degree right out of the box.
It's fully reversible so you can work to the right or left of the blade.

Bj :)
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BJ: I just went on and looked at the EB-3, to be honest with I had never heard of it. That is a LOT of miter guage for the money. Thanks ! (hmmmmmm next investment)
It took a bit of looking before I saw the EB-3.. I like that one a lot..
$10 shipping isn't bad either.. I asked at Marsh Power Tools here in town if they had any in stock.. Back ordered, and they want $135 for it.. Looks like I'll get it online..
Happy Birthday (a month early) to me..
I went a little further and found a bunch of reviews on Amazon, you may want to look at them. A lot of folks weren't very impressed with what they spent their money on. Making me take a second look.
The reviews looked OK to me.. A couple simple problems..
This thing is one heck of a tool.. It will be the ONLY miter gauge I'll ever need..
Absolutely solid construction and massive.. I ordered it from Osborne Wednesday, and got it today.. 2 days, even with Pennsylvania being snowed under.. That is impressive..
I broke down and did it. Purchased the Eb-3 diretc from their website for $109.00. I don't know about the rest of you but mine was dead square right out of the box. Only thing I had to do was to snug the miter bar up a little bit. What a great miter guage for the money.
I have the Incra 1000SE and I love it!

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