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This is my first post so it may be a little long winded. I read some of the post from jan about the marvel router and would like to say regrettably I have bought one. I have a Milwaukee 1 3/4 router and love it but they don't make a plunge router. I needed a plunge router and picked the marvel60. I am not satisfied with it. The screws holding the base plate on are cheap, The first time I changed the base plate one screw head stripped and another one broke off in the base while trying to take it out. I used the 1/4 collet to have the locking nuts threads strip, the 1/2in seams to be holding. It uses the one wrench systme which I did not like but figured that I could put up with that. The spring that holds it up is so strong you almost have to stand on it to plunge down and the book that came with it does not show how to remove or replace it. If I can find out how to remove the spring I think I will remove it and put this one in a table permanetly. I can say that the soft start and the power are not lacking at all.
This is IMHO and you have to consider that I am new to woodworking so you may not agree but I say save your money till you can buy a top brand.
I would like to hear some different opinons and any suggestion.:'(

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Welcome to the forums Gary. I was going to get that model you aren't the first that I heard a bad review. I'm in full agreement with you when it comes to a bigger plunge router. Go for the top brands you'll be better off.
First post. I have the MLCS router. My comments are:
1) Springs are (very) strong and plunge is not smooth,
2) heavy, awkward and difficult to control when using freehand,
3) not too hard to change bits once you get the hang of it (haven't tried 1/4"),
4) very difficult to adjust height - micro-adjustment is difficult to use, if it works at all,
5) works well mounted in table as long as you don't have to adjust height,
6) power and slow start feature are good.

Would not recommend buying this router.
As someone once said - You usually get what you pay for.

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